How the state government permitted Kousar Nag Yatra? Asks Nayeem Khan


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Senior separatist leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan Friday asked the state government to explain as to how it permitted the “so called” Kousar Nag and Macchil Hindu Yatras.

“How dare it (the state government) allow the so called Kousar Nag and Macchail Hindu Yatras knowing the fact these are against the fragile environment and a threat to the identity of the majority people of Kashmir,” Khan asked in a statement.

“The state government is hand in glove with the communal forces of New Delhi and all these elements from Srinagar to New Delhi are hell bent to destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the Valley,” khan alleged. He added “Kashmiri Muslims are determined to safeguard their religious identity and the local ecology so any attempt against it will be resisted tooth and nail.”

He said, “Kashmiri Muslims know how to respect and give regard to other religions but at the same time they will not allow any body to destroy their particular identity,” Nayeem Khan said.

He said that the pro-India politicians will be called as “traitors” by the future historians because they according to him are acting against their nation and Millat. “These anti-Muslim people even restricted pro-freedom leaders and activists during Ramazan and did not allow them to offer the Jumma-tul-Vida and Eid prayers,” said.

He appealed the Hindu Scholars to follow the footprints of Swami Agnivesh and come out openly against the so called Yatras like Kousar Nag and Macchail, which are only aimed at “strengthening the Indian occupation on Kashmir” using religion.

Khan termed the men in uniform as “the tools” used by the state rulers to suppress the local Muslims and strongly condemned the police action against the peaceful protesters of Kulgam and its adjacent areas.


  1. “Kashmiri Muslims know how to respect and give regard to other religions’ It is clear by killing of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 and force them to leave Kashmir.And try to declare Kashmir as Muslim State.


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