Human Life Is Precious Than Arms And Ammunitions: Er Rashid To IG BSF


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President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has strongly condemned the revelations made by IG BSF regarding Gool Killings who had claimed that BSF personnel fired in self defense.

In a press statement issued Friday he said that the arguments and excuses given by the BSF are just an act to give cover and authenticity to the barbaric inhuman act and the report speaks of arrogance and lust of security agencies to play with the blood of Kashmiris.

“Even if the white lie revealed by the BSF special director General Deleep Trevedi is believed to be true that people were fired to save the weapons inside the camp, Mr Trevedi must know that life of humans is always much more precious than arms and ammunitions or any other precious thing on the earth. As a last resort BSF personals could have fired either in air or under knees of the protesters or fired tear gas
smoke shells rather than going for the criminal and barbaric act of murdering innocents,” he said in a statement.

Er Rashid claimed that the report has yet again proved that security agencies are keen to treat every Kashmiri as a terrorist and have full backing from central and state government which always after every fake encounter offers fake condolence and ultimately buries the facts in the coffin of fake enquires.

“If BSF personnel killed innocents in self defense then why the families of victims were paid ex-gratia? It clearly indicated that first security agencies kill people just as if it is their hobby and latter on offer ex-gratia to get rid of the enquires and mislead the world community.”

He further said that if BSF is so worried about presence of militants in the state then Indian citizens must enquire from their ‘Veer Jawans’ that what BSF is doing at the borders and still crying for the infiltration by leveling charges against the neighboring country.

“If presence of militants coming from across the LoC in the state is believed to be true then why should not one claim that Border Security Force and other related agencies are either short of professional capabilities or are facilitating infiltration at the borders and then use different ways and means to spread terror in the state just to get countless benefits on account of fighting against militants by carrying out fake anti militancy operations. “

He also expressed his deep concern over the reported high handedness of VDCs especially about the reports that some VDC members have abducted a minor girl in Kashtwar.

Er Rashid said that he has been crying all along in and outside assembly to abandon these extra constitutional govt. sponsored terrorist groups who are shamefully being called as VDCs and are being paid from the sate exchequer just to make life of Muslims in the Jammu region a


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