Humiliating “Milk, Toffee” remarks still echoing in the minds of people: Geelani


Srinagar Hurriyat (g) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said that humiliating remarks of “milk & toffee” are still echoing in the minds of people.

The spokesman said that arrogance of power was so
intoxicating that in presence of mighty crutches of power, even the quires from
media were not responded, but as the support withered away, they started
knocking the doors of people with a begging bowel.

Commenting on upcoming LS polls, Hurriyat chairman said that
it hardly matters who wins and who loses, but no conscious, sane and mindful
person should be part of anybody’s win or loss.

Syed Ali Geelani

Geelani said that no sane citizen of this state, belonging
to any region or religion, is satisfied with the ground situation of this land.
Death and destruction and political instability has led to such a chaotic
scenario, of which, if elections would have been any remedy, which is in
practice here for the last 71 years, but it is known to everybody, friends and
foes, that with each passing day the graph of atrocities, denials and curbs
have a alarming steep.

Commenting on the “luring of voters by politicians”, Hurriyat
chairman said that our nation has the habit of forgetting and following blindly
to the deceitful voices, but the recent memories are a fresh in the minds of
people who still remember the fate of autonomy, by none other than its own
creators, despite having 2/3rd majority in assembly.

Meanwhile, Geelani paid tributes to slain militants killed
in Lasipora Pulwama encounter. He said time and again we have raised our voice
for justice to the people of Kashmir, but the “military might” and its
stubbornness is a major stumbling block in the way of a peaceful resolution of
Kashmir dispute, but Delhi seems to be hell-bent upon forcing our youth to take
the extreme steps.

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