Huriyat (G), Malik React To Haqani’s Kashmir Remarks

KL Report


Taking strong note of the recent remarks of former Pakistan’ ambassador to US, Hussain Haqani, that Pakistan rejected the US offer for Kashmir resolution in 2009, Kashmir’s pro-freedom camp Wednesday  questioned the ‘credibility’ of the report.

Talking to KNS, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Yasin Malik said that the; theory seems to be bizarre’ and that it is  also contrary to the valley’s ground situation.

Terming Haqani’s remarks an ‘imaginative theory’, Malik said that the ground reality in Kashmir is opposite to what the news report is suggesting. “If we talk through Kashmir perspective, the theory remains questionable,  army itself confesses that the 98 percent militancy has been declined in Kashmir, why no solution came out?.” Malik stated further that keeping in view the actuality of the current situation , the credibility of the report seems ‘questionable.’ “If international requirement of the resolution of Kashmir is peaceful atmosphere, it is indeed here but where is the solution.”

Pertinently, Husain Haqani in his recent book, Magnificent Illusions, revealed that the United States President Barack Obama secretly offered Pakistan in the year 2009 that he would nudge India towards negotiations on Kashmir if Pakistan ends support to militant outfits. The book has further revealed that Pakistan rejected the offer of US President.

Huriyat (G) while reacting to the recent remarks of Hussain Haaqani accused Haqani of being the ‘controversial’ figure in Pakistan and that the amalgam doesn’t take the report seriously.

Talking to KNS, Huriyat(G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar said accused that Haqani has no ‘credibility’ on ground and that policy makers of both the countries should not take the report seriously. “We don’t trust we he has said recently, wikileaks has unmasked him  earlier and though these remarks he is serving his vested interests.”


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