Hurriyat (g) condemns attacks on Kashmiris, Jammu Muslims


Srinagar: Strongly condemning the rampage and attacks on Kashmiries and Muslims in Jammu, Hurriyat (g) Conference chairman said that nobody on earth particularly we Kashmiries rejoice and celebrate the human loss of any race, region or religion.

Quoting Geelani the spokesman said that muscular and revengeful response to the Pulwama incident against Muslims of Jammu and Kashmiri employees of Darbar Move looks a well-planned conspiracy to tear away every fibre of communal harmony, social bonding and collective brotherhood.

He said that horrifying scenes of ruthlessly beating to pulp of Kashmiri drivers, students, employees, others and burning their vehicles, stoning their residences under the nose of “biased” police with their encouragement and go ahead signal has once again proved the two nation theory right and timely as majority finds it hard to accept the minority particularly Muslims—as the independence from British rule was only for Hindus—Muslims continue to be subjugated, threatened and harassed on one or other pretext—negating the tall and much hyped slogans of secularism.

The pro-freedom leader said that non-Kashmiris working here for their bread and butter, students or Darbar move employees enjoy the hospitality to the maximum and nobody ever has been harmed even the slightest. Commenting on the social media posts of some outside Medico working in SKIMS, Hurriyat chairman said that hatred and venomous mindset has poured out even from the white apron—an indication and identification of a life saver. He said that one is surprised that our ailing and stressed people are forced to seek the remedy of their ills from such a beast in a white uniform—who is not only an ugly blot on himself but is tarnishing the pious and noble profession.

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