Hurriyat (G) Denounces Proposed Police Bill; Asks People To Oppose It


KL Report


While strongly denouncing the proposed police bill, Hurriyat Conference (G) has termed it as repressive in nature and has asked people to oppose it.

“It aims to destroy the very fabric of a civilized society,” said Hurriyat (G) in a statement adding that National conference (NC) has failed in defending the dignity of society and turned this beautiful place into a hell.

Declaring the coalition partners most opportunist and power hungry, Hurriyat said that NC has always acted at the tune of its masters in Delhi and with its policy based on treachery and hooliganism betrayed its countrymen.

“On one hand the party leaders are shedding crocodile tears for revocation of AFSPA and on other hand in nexus with so called secular Congress is working for the revival of most infamous Ikhwani Gun culture. They are raising the parallel and additional militia on Ikhwani pattern,” said Hurriyat.

While expressing pain and concern, Hurriyat accused that pro India parties are waging war against the peace loving citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.

“It is on record that the members of village defense committees have created havoc in rural areas of Bhadrwah, Kishtwar, Doda and adjoining Muslim dominated areas of Jammu. They are involved in heinous crimes against the women and are involved in arson, innocent killings and extortion,” the statement added.

Criticizing the contents of the proposed police bill, Hurriyat said that the bill if passed would empower an ordinary solider and VDC members to ask and interrogate anybody without taking into consideration of the status of citizen and added that the proposed Police Bill would legitimize the immoral and unconstitutional activities of VDC members and the persons armed with this bill.

“The bill would provide cover for black sheep and a refuge for scandalous persons.”

Hurriyat while reiterating its stand has asked people to maintain equidistance from all pro India politicians.

Strongly lamenting at ruling class, Hurriyat pledged that they won’t bow before the ‘autocratic’ rule of New Delhi and their ‘puppet regime’ in Srinagar


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