Hurriyat (g) Rejects Govt Probe into Pulwama Killings, Demands Independent Enquiry



While out-rightly rejecting the probe ordered by the government in the Pulwama killings, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Wednesday said that these kinds of commissions have become a tradition and it is an attempt on the part of government to buy the anger of the people.

Hurriyat Conference reminded that recently on the occasion of the Kashmir visit of Prime Minister Narandra Modi, the deputy commandant of CRPF killed an “innocent” engineering student Gowhar Nazir Dar at HMT Zainakote in Srinagar in the broad day light and that an enquiry was ordered in that case as well but till now neither the probe showed any result nor has been any accused arrested.

In a press statement issued here the Hurriyat (g) spokesperson, Ayaz Akbar reiterated the stand of the forum that the investigation of these types of killings can be possible when it is done by any independent institution and the Indian government will not interfere in these investigations.

Another reason behind the failure of these probes ordered by the local administration, the statement added, is the imposition of black laws like AFSPA and DAA (disturbed areas act) which provide impunity to the armed forces and they cannot be prosecuted in the civil courts, the spokesperson said.

“This situation has provided a license to the Indian army and the police to openly kill the people and whenever and wherever they want. They use this license in an effective way.”

While terming the hue and cry of the National Conference and silence of PDP over the Pulwama killings as their vote bank politics, Hurriyat spokesman said that whenever NC is out of power, they suddenly start to feel the pain of the people and when they are in government, 2010 like incidents happen with no regret at all.

“Indian occupational forces openly killed 125 Kashmiri youths and students and to remain in power the people at the helm of affairs not only defended the innocent killings but neither any probe was ordered nor was anybody detained or punished for that. Despite all this Omer Abdullah announced awards, rewards and promotions for those police officers who were extraordinary in the killing process.”

While commenting over the silence of PDP over the Pulwama killings, Hurriyat spokesman said that PDP tried its best by befooling Kashmiri people in the past by raising pro-Kashmir slogans but they too have now got completely exposed in the public and they have shown their real face to the nation.

The Hurriyat (g) spokesperson said this party was created by the Indian policy makers under a well thought out plan and their job was to befool the Kashmiris like the NC had done before by showing green handkerchief and Pakistani salt to the people.

“But it does not take too long to expose them and their green flag and their inkpot and pen have got outdated now.”

He said that the everyday bloodshed of Kashmiris too does not shake the conscience of the PDP and NC. “They do politics over the human blood and try to use it as raw material for the upcoming election dramas.”


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