Hurriyat (M) Concerned Over ‘Treatment’ Meted To Detainees

KL Report

Hurriyat Conference (M) has expressed serious concern over the treatment meted out to the Kashmiri prisoners lodged in jails across India. The party has alleged that the Kashmiri prisoners lodged in jails in Rajasthan were treated as professional criminals and were “targeted and terrorized” by the jail authorities.

The spokesman said, “The circumstances and situation in the past and present have once again proved that Kashmiris, may it be student, trader, or prisoner, outside Kashmir were not safe.” He further stressed on the international rights and humanitarian organizations to take strong notice of the condition of Kashmiri prisoners languishing in jails outside Kashmir, adding, Indian government should ensure security and safety of such Kashmiris.

While reacting to the recent statement of Indian minister Jai Ram Ramesh that Kashmir policy was run by intelligence agencies, APHC said it may be spy agencies or Indian mainstream parties, it is naked truth that since 1947 they have not desisted from playing dirty war in Kashmir to forcibly wed it with India.

The spokesman further said, “Kashmiri people were already aware about the misdoings of Indian Intelligence agencies and Delhi government in Kashmir.” Hence he said the statement of Ramesh in this regard was not a new thing for the Kashmiri people. He said Kashmiris are engaged in freedom movement since 1947 even if Indian union has used every “dirty tactics” to break the will of Kashmiris.


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