Hurriyat (M) Denounces Curfew, Restrictions & House Arrest Of Mirwaiz


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The Hurriyat (M) strongly denounced curfew, restrictions, arrest of youth, and placing the Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq under house arrest in the aftermath of the hanging of martyr Afzal Guru on Feb 9.

Apart from Miriwaiz, majority of the hurriyat leadership is either placed under house arrest or have been locked up in police stations.

“The APHC considers these draconian measures to forcibly silence the genuine voices by the government as an act of political retribution against the entire population of Jammu and Kashmir”, said the spokesman in a statement.

The spokesman said the people have been imprisoned in their own homes by the Indian police and troops, youths are being rounded up, and houses are being ransacked.

“The government has let loose the reign of terror to silence the voices in Kashmir,” spokesman said. “They have silenced the voices of the masses on gunpoint”.

“Once again resorting to their dictatorial tactics, the government clamped curfew in the length and breadth of Kashmir to stop people from offering congregational Friday prayers.

He said the conglomerate considers that stopping people from offering prayers is direct interference in the religious affairs of Muslims. “The social, political, and religious rights of Kashmiris were trampled under the jackboots by the government. Such violations of basic fundamental human rights of Kashmiris should serve as an eye opener for the International community as to what Kashmiris are going through”.

“It is the worst phase state perpetuated terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir,” spokesman added.

He said the Hurriyat strongly protests the oppressive and aggressive policies undertaken by the government to silence the political aspirations and demands of the Kashmiris.

“The APHC believes that the government was imposing curfew in periods over the past one month to create number of issues for people and break their will to pursue political aspirations and emotions. However, the party clears that such repressive measures would in no way deter people from demanding their birth right- right to self determination, adding, not it will weaken the hurriyat leadership”.

“The hurriyat strongly condemns the wanton use of force against the unarmed Kashmiris and ransacking of house in Srinagar. The hurriyat appeals the international rights organization to take strong notice of such violations”, he added.


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