Hurriyat (M) Denounces ‘Harassment’ of Public by Forces Ahead of Jan 26

KL Report


Denouncing the harassment of public across Kashmir by government forces ahead of January 26, Hurriyat Conference (M) spokesperson has once again reiterated that they were not against the Indian people celebrating their republic day, “but the way Indian union usurped the political rights of people using military means, carried out wanton suppression and bloodshed of Kashmiris to repress their political demands, and indulged in gross human rights violations, it has lost the moral and political justification to celebrate Jan 26 in the state.”

“As the Indian republic day was nearing, a situation of fear was being created. Indian troops were erecting checkpoints, frisking public, and arresting people by carrying out nocturnal raids on their houses,” he said in a statement.

The spokesperson appealed Kashmiris to observe complete strike on January 26 thereby making it visible to the world that Kashmiris would continue to peacefully pursue the freedom struggle till they are granted right to self determination.

The spokesperson also denounced the Delhi based media for “spreading lies that a looming attack was in the offing in India ahead of American President Barrack Obama visit to India on January 26, adding, such cheap propaganda is aimed to divert the attention of international community from Kashmir dispute.”

“On the eve of the then US president Bill Clinton to India in the year 2000, scores of members of Sikh community were massacred, which the subsequent investigations revealed that it was the handiwork of Indian agencies. Entire international community was aware about the historical and political importance of Kashmir dispute and believes that the solution of this lingering dispute is inevitable before the peace and stability would arrive in the region,” he said.

The spokesperson said that Kashmiris believe that US president Barrack Obama during his visit would press upon India to solve the Kashmir dispute by making the country aware about the dangers associated with Kashmir dispute. He said that Obama should make India realize that the solution of Kashmir dispute was must for bringing peace and stability in the region, adding, and the US should also pressure India to shed its traditional intransigence and start a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and Kashmiris to solve the dispute for once and all.

The spokesperson said America being the sole superpower understands that India and Pakistan could not solve the Kashmir issue through bilateral means. Hence, he said the third party intervention to solve the issue was must, adding, Hurriyat (M) believes that Obama would play its role in solving the Kashmir issue on urgent basis.


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