Hurriyat (m) holds executive council meet


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Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Hurriyat Conference (m) Wednesday held the executive council meet under the chairmanship of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at the Nigeen Residence of Mirwaiz in which all the members of executive council participated.

A statement of Hurriyat (m) issued here read: “The meeting took stock of the current political and movement related situation in Kashmir and discussed in detail the progress on the transition to long-term strategy for people’s right to self-determination.”

In the meeting, according to the statement, it was observed that people are keenly watching the drama that is going on in the so-called state assembly where much hue and cry is being raised about the mass murder of innocent Kashmiris in the past five months.”

“Passionate and emotional speeches are being made to show solidarity and concern for Kashmiris. But Kashmiris are not so naive and they fully know that these are just empty words, and the noise is being made for public consumption with an eye on votes and the ultimate aim of getting to the chair. They know that it is these very people be they in chair or in opposition who are responsible for their plight. It is their active collaboration with New Delhi that has landed Kashmiris in the current situation of misery and suffering. Did these so called people’s representatives ever stand up to New Delhi for the people of Kashmir? Did they ever stand up for defending the rights and liberties of people whose representation they claim. Even when people were being ruthlessly massacred, oppressed blinded maimed harassed humiliated jailed and collectively tortured, have they ever asked their masters in New Delhi to reign in the forces, to make them accountable for their actions against the people of Kashmir, to prosecute and punish them for committing atrocities against people? Have they ever protested to New Delhi for the systematic erosion of the special status of J&K? Have not all of them  at one point or other been the frontal face of these barbarities perpetuated upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir during the past 70 years in general and last 30 years in particular. In fact they have always extended their tacit supporters in undermining the rights of Kashmiris.”

The statement said, “if these people from whichever party they may be, who are crying hoarse about  the killing of Kashmiris, erosion of people’s rights, oppression and assault against them, really mean what they say ,let them take this opportunity and register their genuine protest and concern through pro active means rather than empty words which will send a strong message to India and the world that things are greatly amiss in Kashmir and the people of Kashmir are demanding their political right to self-determination.”


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