Hurriyat (M) welcomes Sharief’s K-statement, says internationally recognized disputes cannot be wished away

KL Report


Terming the recent statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief that Kashmir issue should be solved in the light of UN resolutions as a historical reality, the Hurriyat (M) spokesman Wednesday said that the then dispensation of India took the Kashmir issue to UN whereby several resolutions were passed in the UN Security Council granting people right to self determine their political future through a plebiscite.

The spokesman said, however, it was highly unfortunate that despite the passage of 68 years, the UN have failed to implement its resolutions on Kashmir which has become a main source of danger and instability in entire South Asia.

“Internationally recognized disputes cannot be wished away by violating accepted international norms and practices and adopting militarism or pity politics,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman said that Palestine and Kashmir are two such issues where the non resolution has led to violence and instability in West Asia and danger of a nuclear conflict in South Asia.

The spokesman has expressed satisfaction on resumption of dialogue and diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan.

“India and Pakistan leadership should avail the golden opportunity of resolve the Kashmir dispute knowing its sensitivity and historical realities,” he said.

“There lies more responsibility on the leadership of India which has proposed a collective overall vision of the prosperity of South Asia, to shun the traditional approach of stubbornness and start a meaningful dialogue with the stakeholders to solve the Kashmir dispute on permanent basis so that an era of peace, prosperity and stability dawns on South Asian region.”


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