Hyderabad Scholar Had Nothing To Do With Guru Hanging, Claims His Friend

KL Report

Pulwama linguistic scholar Mudasir Kamran had nothing to do with any kind of protest against the execution of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, Kashmiri students in Hyderabad who knew Mudasir said.

Mudasir Kamran Malla

“It has been blown out of proportion,” a student who knew Hyderabad said on the condition of anonymity. “Every Kashmiri student here participated in the protests but he was not in lime light and he came one hour late to join the protests.”

He said senior IPS officers serving the Hyderabad police have contacted us individually and assured every possible assistance. “They have given us their personal cell numbers so that we can contact them if we need,” he said.

Asked about the story behind Mudasir, the student said that he was in depression form last three months after he broke away with his long time classmate and room mate Waseem, a resident of Pune in Maharashtra. Mudasir and Wasim graduated together from Pune University and joined M Phil and PhD together in the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) of Hyderabad. They were living in the same room of the same hostel.

Last time, the two friends came into limelight was around three months back when Waseem befriended Zubair, another student. It annoyed Mudasir especially when Zubair started visiting their room. It was in its aftermath that Mudasir broke Waseem’s laptop and the latter petitioned against him in the office of University proctor.

Immediately after, Waseem broke away with his friend and started living separately. Later, they patched up but intermittent squabbling continued. “Prior to his death, we are told Mudasir slapped Waseem and the latter went out and shifted to another room,” the student said. “Though Mudasir would pray five times a day, he was found missing on the late evening prayers on Friday.” The next later afternoon he was found hanging in his room.

Asked why Mudasir was summoned by police, the student said that it was a follow up to the compliant that Waseem had made after his laptop was broken. Pertinently, Waseem has not not been arrested as the students believe that police is convinced that he has nothing to do with death of Mudasir.

“His family had sent him some money and transferred it to my account,” the student said. “On Friday, I handed over the money to him in cash and I saw him with his eyes swollen. I think he was in deep depression.” The student said he asked him about his health and Mudasir responded saying: “I slept the whole day and that is it.”

The student said they traced him hanging in his room and later they alerted the security of the hostel. Later police was informed and he was taken to hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. “Both the boys were gentle and good students,” the student said.




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