Hyderpora Encounter: Cops Interrupt Sit-In, Protesting Families Driven Away

SRINAGAR: Shortly before midnight, police reached Partap Park and took away most of the protesting members of the two families from the spot, after a day-long protest. There were arguments, sloganeering and some hackling as well.

Families of two civilians, Mohammad Altaf Bhat and Dr Mudasir Gull were protesting since Wednesday morning. Seemingly, they were unlikely to go home for the night and spend it under the open sky in sub-zero temperatures.

By around 12 midnight, cops in full battle gear reached the spot. They took some of them in an awaiting vehicle amid resistance. It was not immediately known if they were taken to the police station or were driven off the venue and let go.

The last sight was the niece of slain Bhat talking to a police officer. Her father was seen flat on the ground and being helped by many others.

For the entire day, the protesting families were shouting slogans and sitting peacefully on the ground. By late evening, they had decided to stay put and had got some blankets. They were seeking the return of the two dead bodies that lay buried deep in north Kashmir’s Rajwar belt.


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