If ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is ‘Sacred’, Why Desist from Govt Formation? Omar asks PDP



Omar @ Beerwah

Former Chief Minister and National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Wednesday said PDP was “terrified” of fresh elections in the State due to its political U-turns and a ten-month tenure of “failures and abject mis-governance”.

Addressing party workers at Beerwah during a tour of his constituency, Omar Abdullah said, “it was surprising that people found the administration more responsive and effective under Governor’s rule than it was under the rule of the PDP-BJP Government – which is a tragic indictment of the PDP-BJP Government.”

“National Conference had 28 MLAs in the previous Legislative Assembly and the NC-Congress Coalition and with those 28 MLAs did a lot for this State. From New Administrative Units across the length and breadth of the State to the Mughal Road to Landmark developmental initiatives or our Welfare and Entrepreneurship Assistance Programs for unemployed youth, we delivered as a Government. We empowered the common man to hold the Government accountable by the Right to Information (RTI) Act and laid the edifice for the production of almost 9,000 Megawatts of Hydroelectric Power in the State. PDP has the same number of MLAs and look at the state of mis-governance, helplessness and chaos in the State today. Within 10 months of its alliance government with the BJP, PDP has proved to be a complete failure,” Omar, according to an NC statement, said while speaking in Beerwah.

The NC Working President said that despite the PDP-BJP Alliance intact and despite the existence of elected MLAs, the State’s Budget was all set to be prepared and adopted by the Governor’s office. “In spite of being your MLAs, we have been deprived of our constitutional powers to make the budget and public policies reflect your needs and aspirations. I can’t ask any questions of the Government as one fails to understand who those questions need to be directed towards. On one hand the PDP says the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ with BJP is ‘sacred’ and on the other hand they are simultaneously dithering from forming a new Government with the BJP – their ‘sacred’ alliance partner. If PDP swears by it’s ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ and is committed to taking it forward, why aren’t you forming a Government? Why are you making the people face this avoidable political instability and democratic disempowerment? We will not act as a hurdle for you and you should come forward and form the government. If you think Mufti Sahab couldn’t do justice to the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’, what’s stopping you from coming forward and undoing the wrongs?” the NC Working President added.

Omar Abdullah 1

“The other option is that of fresh elections in the State. But PDP is so terrified of being routed out completely once for all that it is neither willing to provide a government with its alliance partner nor is it willing to go for fresh elections. If you are so scared of forming a Government with BJP – which continues to be your alliance partner, let us go to the people for a fresh mandate. However, PDP knows it would be completely decimated and that National Conference would emerge as a single-majority force in fresh elections and hence PDP wants the State to hang mid-air in political uncertainty,” Omar stated.

The NC Working President said, “National Conference would not only emerge victorious in new elections but also form the Government on its own. This will be a single-majority Government and not an alliance Government as the people of the State have realized the need for a strong and stable Government that safeguards their political aspirations, sentiments and also ushers the State into a new era of development and growth, picking up from where we left before the PDP-BJP Government took over.”

“The patience of the common man is limited. PDP either provides the State with a Government or calls for the dissolution of the Assembly and allows the people to choose a stable, strong and representative Government. When PDP formed its alliance with the BJP, the State was freshly devastated by floods and PDP promised effective and time bound relief and rehabilitation. All those dreams and promises have been shattered by the PDP and today the people won’t fall for these lies and false promises,” he said.

On this occasion the NC Working President and local MLA from Beerwah released a total of Rs 90 lakh for various developmental works in his constituency. Funds were also released for 50 transformers and 50 IAYF quarters and also announced the donation of four ambulances in the constituency. Omar also donated scooters to two handicapped individuals on this occasion, the statement informed.


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