If Death of 209 Hindus Is Genocide, What Name Should Be Given to Death of One Lakh Muslims, Er Rasheed to KPs



MLA Langate Engineer Rashid addressing press conference in Srinagar
MLA Langate Engineer Rasheed addressing press conference in Srinagar in this file pic. 

AIP President and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has accused Kashmiri Pandits of defaming majority community and playing in hands of New Delhi to work against interests of their own state.

Addressing a press conference at party headquarter in Rajbagh Wednesday, he said that time has come to tell Kashmiri Pandits louder and clear that their anti-Kashmir activities are unacceptable and they will be seen as enemies of Kashmir if they don’t give up their shameful campaign against Muslims.

“By observing 19th January as holocaust day and calling their self-styled migration as genocide and ethnic cleansing, these deserters have proved that their one point agenda is to defame the resistance movement and prove Kashmiri Muslims communal,” he said. “The protests they held yesterday, were arranged and patronaged by strong lobbies within state and central govts and unfortunately a section of biased national media left no stone unturned to prove them right.”

Kashmiri Pandits enjoying in Bollywood, universities and other prestigious places besides political renegades were all united yesterday to abuse Kashmiri Muslims, he said. “Let world community know that Kashmiri Pandits were not the only ones who left the Valley but security agencies a section of Kashmiris belonging to religious and political organisations to migrate from their ancestral places and bulldozed their houses, orchards and other properties in broad day lights.”

Similarly, he said, thousands of families in border districts of Poonch, Baramulla and Kupwara were also forced by security agencies to migrate to PaK, but nobody speaks for them.

“If Kashmiri Pandits are entitled for huge packages, jobs and all other facilities why should not internally displaced Muslims and those forced to migrate PaK be treated at par with Pandits,” he said. “GoI wants to bury the Kashmir issue and the rights of Muslims in J&K by diverting the focus from real issues to Kashmiri Pandits, Pakistani refugees and other non-issues.”

“Why do Kashmiri Pandits feel shy in confessing that they were told to leave Kashmir in 90s so that Kashmiris are butchered once for all and then Kashmiri Pandits will return as the lone owners of Kashmir?” he asked. “Without counting deaths let Kashmiri Pandits understand, if death of 209 Pandits is genocide, what name should be given to the brutal murder of one lakh Muslims in 25 years, as if they have gone to a picnic and will return soon.”

Let Kashmiri Pandits, he said, not forget that it were Muslims who suffered worst from being subjected to third degree torture, to custodial killings.

“Let somebody return me the pain and loss that I along with people of my whole constituency suffered at the hands of army by subjecting us to unpaid forced labour for thirteen years,” he said. “Those who forced police to lodge FIR against Union Minister for writing a letter to VC in Hyderabad University should answer, why are they calm when a lady was forced to give birth to child in compound of Kuthua hospital, as she was denied admission into labour room for the only fault that she was a Muslim.”

While advocating for Kashmiri Pandits, Rashid said, the Union Minister Najma Haftullah has sought again citizenship for Pakistani refugees living illegally in Jammu and “it is condemnable and a matter of concern for all of us”.

“May the state govt explain if it didn’t allow me as a law maker to visit Chenab Valley and Pirpanchal time and again without a logic or hold a peaceful protest outside CM’s residence against murder of innocents at the hands of VDCs, how come were these deserters allowed to protest outside Raj Bhawan?”

Even J&K Police, he said, which is acting like “private army of Sang Parivar” didn’t allowed me as an MLA to meet then PHE Minister at Baramulla and “dragged me”.

“One fails to understand that why people talk about return of Kashmiri Pandits, as majority of them have been enjoying summers and springs at their native places every year, but want still to be called as migrants, just to make luxuries out of it.”

Rasheed appealed young generation of Kashmiri Pandits to read every page of Kashmir history and not get mislead and influenced by their self-styled community leaders and asked political and other organisations to get united and defeat these communal proxies.

Er Rasheed condemned the brutal killing of Pulwama youth namely Parvaiz Guru and added that police is leaving no opportunity to harm Kashmiris added that he will have a peaceful sit in at Pulwama tomorrow.


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