If democracy is battle of ideas,why you arrest people: Er Rasheed asks Delhi


Expressing his displeasure over fresh arrest spree and nocturnal raids by police at various places in north Kashmir AIP Parliamentary candidate from Baramulla Er Rasheed said that in the name of ensuring political activities police is summoning youth and all those having a different viewpoint on electoral politics to police stations, which is unacceptable.

Er Rasheed addressing an election rally in north Kashmir village.

While addressing public gatherings at Shilvat, Sumbal, Rambirgrah,Turgam, Rohama and other places Er Rasheed said, “Those calling democracy battle of ideas to need to realize that summoning people to police stations in the name of conducting elections is itself murder of democracy. State government needs to ensure that people are not harassed and humiliated by calling them to police stations without a reason. Police seems to be keen bent to destroy the future of youth and by making them suspicious at all quarters. The irony is that those being arrested including the majority of those who have never indulged in stone pelting or creating law and order issues.”

Er Rasheed warned governor administration not to allow men in uniform just to help someone known for being a stooge of Sang Parivar.

Er Rasheed said, “All those officers in civil and police administration getting indulged in various activities, not in their domain, should be taken to task. It is strange that the elections are being used to demoralize and silence those voices who may not cast their votes and that is why police are picking up youth from every corner as if every Kashmiris is a militant or Over Ground Worker”.

Er Rasheed added that if harassment and humiliation do not stop AIP will approach election commission of India to seek action against all those forces who are targeting innocents everywhere and have not guts and courage to fight their rivals publically.

Er Rasheed while condemning enforcement directorate’s action against jailed pro-resistance leaders said that all these moves are politically motivated and will yield nothing.

Accusing NC and PC leaders of encouraging sectarian divide in Pattan and Sonawari areas Er Rasheed said that the representatives of both these parties have miserably failed their people and have built their emperors by raising sectarian emotions and earning loyalties without giving back anything to them.

Er Rasheed appealed people to defeat the designs of both these parties and vote for their conscience.


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