Huriyat Conference (m) Executive member and Peoples Conference (PC) chairman Bilal Gani Lone said that games were being played to undermine the authority of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

In an exclusive interview, Bilal said that games are being played to undermine the authority of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. “I am observing that somewhere it is being planned to weaken Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. I don’t know who is behind this but yes there have been the small games at play wherein the authority of Umar Farooq is being undermined. But at the same time I believe that those who are trying to undermine the leadership of Mirwaiz are not going to succeed.”

He added that the leadership of Kashmir must come forward. “I would not say that we are taking dictations from Pakistan. But my personal view is that somewhere the leadership should have to be bold enough to push India and Pakistan towards a dialogue for Kashmir resolution. We lack this attitude.”

Lone added that neither he was in past nor he will be in future an impediment if grand alliance happens between separatist groups happens. “If grand alliance is for the betterment of Kashmir, I suggest Mirwaiz to go and join the alliance. I am not an impediment in the process. Let them go for the grand alliance. My position is very clear, I am with APHC led by Mirwaiz.”

Lone said that 70 percent of voting doesn’t indicate the people of Kashmir have undermined their aspirations for the Kashmir resolution. “Seventy percent voting doesn’t mean people are against the Kashmir’s movement. Voting is for local governance. Everyone has local issues and everyone wants his day-to-day problems to get addressed and resolved. The fact is that the common man didn’t go to the polling booth to decide whether he is going to be with India or Pakistan, he went there because he faces lot of problems in his everyday life. He wants local governance so that his issues could get resolved.”

Lone was, however, quick to add that any person hailing from a separatist camp must not contest polls as same undermines the basic cause. “My opinion is that Hurriyat Conference should not contest elections. We represent bigger cause. But at the same time I believe that Hurriyat should not become an impediment to any poll process here. Yes, we should never become part of the poll process. If we do it, I think we may not be doing justice with what we have said earlier.”

Lone said that he has a very good social relationship with his younger brother Sajad Lone but the relation is not political in nature. “I have a very cordial relation with Sajad but we do not discuss politics,” remarks Lone.


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