A day after the Amnesty International pitched for the AFSPA repeal from Jammu and Kashmir, Government of India Thursday said the Act shall not be scrapped and will continue to remain in vogue.

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while talking to reporters in Srinagar said that AFSPA will continue to remain in Kashmir till it is needed in the region.

According to KNS, Rajnath said that AFSPA in the state would be revoked only when the situation was conducive. “I pray to God that AFSPA is not needed anywhere in the country and stakeholders would have to cooperate in order to revoke the act.” Singh said.

He maintained that the Government of India has no plans to hold dialogue with the pro-freedom camp of Kashmir. “We at present have no proposal to hold dialogue with the separatist groups of Kashmir. We can listen to anyone but no anti- national activities shall be tolerated,” Singh said.

Over the reports of the contradictions between the coalition partners in Jammu and Kashmir, the Union Home Minister said that the coalition here will complete full term in office and that there are no contradictions on ground. “We are not finding any reason to believe that this government will not last its full term.”

On the security situation, Singh said: “I am confident the situation in Kashmir will not be allowed to deteriorate. We need the cooperation of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to improve the situation.”


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