If Modi Wants to Change History, He Should Accept RSD of Kashmiris: Malik



Yasin Malik addresing people in Soibugh Budgam on Dec 20, 2015
Yasin Malik addressing people in Soibugh Budgam on Dec 20, 2015- Sunday.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Sunday asked Prime Minister of India to resolve Kashmir dispute if he “wanted to change history”.

“Those who dream of changing history of the world cannot full-fill their wishes by trampling aspirations of an oppressed nation,” he said while addressing a gathering central Kashmir’s Soibugh area of Budgam. “If Narendra Modi wants to change history he should accept the birth right of millions of humans living in Kashmir and take courageous steps to resolve Jammu Kashmir issue.”

“Modi jee is saying that he wants dialogue with Pakistan to ensure a prosperous future for youth of south Asia. We want to tell him that Kashmir is too a part of South Asia and Kashmiris who have lost their four generations during their freedom struggle also want to save their next generation so that it also can prosper and become participants in prosperity of south Asia,” he said, “Kashmiris are not against Indian economic growth, we are not against good relations between India and Pakistan, and we are only striving for our birth right and want to become partners in peace, prosperity and stability of the world especially south Asia.”

Malik asked that “how can anybody claim to change history while he is in continues denial about facts in Kashmir, who even denies Kashmiris being humans, who is of the view that Kashmiris have no right to decide about their future and even cannot participate in this process and who are suppressing the voices of Kashmiris by military might?”

Malik accused International community of adopting double standards viz-a-viz Jammu and Kashmir. “For safeguarding business and economic interests, international community is pursuing an unfair and unjust foreign policy.”

“These unfair, unbalanced and changing policies of the world powers have confounded the world order completely .These world powers for their personal gains, economic benefits adopted unfair foreign policies because of which today whole world especially Muslim world is facing anarchy and destruction and this fire has engulfed the regions from Europe to Africa and America to Asia,” he said questioning “when will international community and the world powers realize their mistakes and change their policies based on economic interests and benefits and start efforts to resolve the issues that are posing a constant threat to the world peace.”

“Whole world knows that Jammu Kashmir issue is a dangerous issue and a constant threat to the peace, prosperity and stability of the South Asian region but world powers for their trade and economic benefits and interest with India seem to maintain criminal silence. India and the rest of the world should know that without permanent peace and stability trade and economy will also keep suffering,” he added.

While addressing Kashmiri nation on the occasion, Malik said, “Kashmiris have and are constantly rendering valuable sacrifices for their freedom but we need to safeguard these sacrifices too.”

Hailing the passion and resilience of mothers, sisters, youth and elders of Budgam, Malik said, “this passion has once again proved the fact that despite our deficiencies and shortcomings Kashmiris love their martyrs, their freedom struggle and resistance.” A rally was taken out in Soibugh area, a JKLF statement said this evening.

“Whenever resistance leadership is given a chance to meet people this passion is seen and felt everywhere. The history of the world is a witness to the fact that no nation despite being small and weak has ever been defeated during its freedom struggle. History of nations tells us that despite temporary setbacks the final victory belongs to the oppressed not the oppressors. Keeping this in mind we too should keep striving for the just cause and keep faith that we will surely succeed in getting freedom from the oppression and illegal occupation,” he told the gathering.

Malik questioned conscience of the Kashmiris saying, “How can our girls and boys become a part of so-called Sadhbavna of that army that has and is killing our innocent youth like Gowhar Nazir etc. Where is the honour and zeal of our teachers and parents today who send their children for such tours?”

“The real face of every pro-India party and politician has been exposed before us now. We all know that their only job is to strengthen the illegal military occupation of Indian on Jammu Kashmir and provide legal cover to Indian forces and army here, so we all should remain away from their hypocritical politics and refrain from participating in their meetings and rallies,” said Yasin Malik. “Our uprightness and continued struggle and valuable sacrifices will never go in vain and one day Jammu Kashmir will also stand as a respected independent nation among the rest of nations.”

Mali further lashed out at authorities saying, “by putting curbs on freedom of speech and politics in Jammu Kashmir and unleashing reign of terror against youth, India and its stooges want to impose silence of graveyard in Kashmir. Rulers should know that their acts of unilateral state sponsored violence are bound to fail.”


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