Mirwaiz Cautions, ‘Don’t Play into Hands of Elements Promoting Extremism’



Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Asking Muslims not to play into the hands of elements promoting terrorism and extremism, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (m) Chairperson, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Sunday said these elements were fulfilling their “selfish interests by backing certain groups” and then presenting a wrong picture of Islam by connecting the peaceful religion to extremism and terrorism.

Delivering his presidential address at a Seerat conference organised by Jammu Kashmir Awami Majlis-e-Amal at Mirwaiz Manzil, Rajouri Kadal, Mirwaiz recalled the contributions of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) towards humanity and said it was unfortunate that Muslim community that had been rewarded by the Allah by sending the Last Messenger to them were deviating from the true path shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and were adopting wrong ways and means.

Stressing that when Muslims throughout the world were caught in innumerable conflicts, both internal and external, he said Islam was being interpreted in a wrong manner and presented to the world as a religion brewing extremism and radicalism.

Suggesting that there was a need to present the true picture of Islam and the real message of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to the world by following his teachings in letter and spirit, the APHC Chairman, who is also the chief of Jammu Kashmir Awami Majlis-e-Amal and Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema, said if Muslims follow those teachings, they get rid of this difficult phase in their lives.

Terming the Muslim-majority Jammu Kashmir’s situation to be “no different from rest of the world”, he said, “social injustice, moral degradation, domestic violence, and getting away from Islamic teachings was becoming a part of Kashmiri society while some parents had made a joke of their dignity by sending their daughters to participate in the Indian Army’s ‘Operation Sadbhavana’ programme.”

Asserting that nobody was against the education of girls or boys, Mirwaiz said, “no other religion attached so much importance to education as Islam but termed waywardness and moral degradation in the name of education as unacceptable.”

Appealing teachers, parents, and every responsible citizen to come forward to shoulder their responsibilities toward the society, he said besides their families, they also needed to care for their environment, society and educational institutions and imbibe moral and religious value in them.

Bringing home his point that organizing the Seerat conference was meant to spread the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he said this was not only the responsibility of the Ulema and Masjid Imams alone but the collective responsibility of everyone to spread the message and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

He said, “while Kashmiri Muslim society was witnessing an onslaught against their religious, economic, political rights, every Kashmiri needed to come forward to reform the Kashmiri society.”

Appealing the Ulema, Imams of Masjid, parents, teachers, intellectuals, educated people and student community to do justice with their responsibilities, Mirwaiz said only then would the Kashmiri society become an example of a virtues society.

The conference was attended by Ulemas, scholars, intellectuals, religious, political and resistance leaders, Masjid Imams and a large gathering of people.

In their speeches, they shed light on the life and times of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and suggested that Muslims worldwide were caught in conflicts and numerous problems because of getting far from Islamic teachings.

The Ulema and the leaders said Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was sent not only to educate and help the Muslims but entire humanity and love for Prophet (SAW) was one of the attributes which takes people close to the Almighty Allah.

They said human beings were the best of species in the universe and but expressed regret that Muslims were deviating from the path shown by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the teachings of Quran has created problems for them.

Suggesting that for making their journey in this world and hereafter a successful one, Muslims needed to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in letter and spirit.


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