‘Communal Elements Making Attempts to Harm Decades Old Brotherhood in J&K’



Expressing deep concern and anguish over the growing “affairs of communal elements” in Jammu division, Chairperson All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Syed Ali Geelani said that the entire region of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh is a Single Geographical Entity and “we will not allow its division nor will be anybody allowed to spread the religious hatred in this region”.

“Attaining power by BJP, the political wing of RSS, is although increasing the intolerance in India and in this state but the Kashmir is facing the worst kind of Indian state terrorism since 1947 and the congress rule was no different from it,” Geelani said.

Hurriyat (g) statement issued Sunday evening said that a Jammu delegation led by I D Khajuria held a detailed meeting with Geelani at his Hyderpora residence on Sunday morning and apprised him about the present situation in the Jammu region.

“In the meeting, Khajuria said that since the inception of BJP-PDP coalition government in the state, the communal forces have been given a free hand particularly in Jammu region and this situation has made the peace loving people of this region unsafe. He was very anguished about the attempts of the communal elements to harm the decades old brotherhood of the state,” the statement quoted the visiting delegation as having told the octogenarian Hurriyat leader.

Geelani assured the delegation that the oneness and the uniqueness of the Jammu & Kashmir will be protected in every possible ways and the communal elements will not be allowed to succeed in their nefarious designs.

While mentioning the historical background of the Jammu & Kashmir state and its disputed nature, Geelani said, “the partition in 47 happened on the basis of two nation theory and the Jammu & Kashmir was although a Muslim majority state so this region was to become a natural part of Pakistan but India side lined all the moral and partition principles and forcibly occupied this region with the help of its military might.”

“India then herself took this issue to the UNO and this worldly body also favoured and recommended Right to Self Determination for the Kashmiri people which India had so far failed to implement. Besides the UNO resolutions, the Indian rulers on many occasions had promised the people of Jammu & Kashmir that they will be given a free and fair chance to decide their future. Later India backtracked from its promises which they have made on national and international and the freedom movement of Kashmir is the result of those broken promises,” he told the delegation.

While mentioning in detail the “filthy character of Congress party” in the creation of Kashmir dispute, the statement further quoted Geelani as having said, “despite the secular claims, this party has proven to be the most unprincipled and characterless party in India who are responsible for the miseries of Kashmiri people.”

Geelani informed the Jammu delegation, “present government had practically suspended the law and order in the state. The political leaders and activists have been banned to perform the political activities in the state and they are every now and then detained under black and lawless laws. I am myself under the painful house detention since 2010 and my political, religious, social and even personal activities have been banned by the authorities.”


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