If seeking plebiscite is treason then Nehru leads us all: Er Rasheed


Independent legislator and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Monday along with his supporters staged a protest here at press enclave in Lal Chowk Srinagar against the killing spree in Kashmir.

Carrying black flags and chanting pro-plebiscite slogans, they demanded that people be allowed to express their right of self-determination.

The Rasheed and his supporters were holding placards and black flags and condemned the ongoing “killing spree”.

Raising  slogans, “Delhi adam khor hai” and “Kashmiriyoon ka qatl-e-aam bandh karo bandh karo” “Sab Naru pae aik he bare Haq Hamara Rashamari” and “Down Down Modi”.

Speaking to reporters, Rasheed said the atrocities of the state have touched the worst heights.

Er Rasheed said, “If the seeking plebiscite is treason then Nehru leads us all.”

Er Rasheed appealed National TV channels to stop celebrating deaths of innocent Kashmiris and understand that Kashmiris are not criminals nor terrorists.

Er Rasheed said, “New Delhi has lost the moral battle and its suppressive measures have miserably failed since 1989. But unfortunately, Delhi doesn’t want to listen to the truth.”

Er Rasheed also reiterated his demand to hold the plebiscite on both sides of LOC and said that we don’t seek so on communal lines but want promise made by Indian and Pakistan with people of J&K at United Nations to be fulfilled.

Er Rasheed appealed mainstream parties especially Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah to fulfill their much-awaited duties towards people of J & K by asking New Delhi that peace can return only if Kashmir issue is resolved in its historical perspective.


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