I consider Kashmir as part of Pakistan: Imam-e-Kaaba



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Imam-e-Kaaba Dr Saleh bin Muhammad Al Talib on Monday met Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and said Pakistan has a significant place in the Muslim world, reports claimed.

A report published in Pakistan’s The Express Tribune said that Talib lauded Pakistan’s role in maintaining peace in the region and the country’s commitment to eradicating the menace of terrorism and extremism from the country and beyond.

Imam-e-Kaaba Dr Saleh bin Muhammad Al Talib, Photo source The Express Tribune

The Imam also expressed that terrorism and extremism could not be tolerated anymore and they should not be linked to Islam. He called for unity in ranks of the Muslim world and condemned sectarianism and extremism.

“Terrorism is destroying the economy and spreading poverty and ignorance in the world, so it is the responsibility of the Islamic scholars to stand against this evil,” The Express Tribune quoting Dr Al Talib said.

While talking about the Kashmir issue, the Imam said he considers Kashmir a part of Pakistan. “I always remember the innocent people of Kashmir in my prayers, The Express Tribune quoted Dr Al Talib saying.

Talking to the speaker, the Imam expressed immense pleasure on his visit to Pakistan and said that people of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have strong and eternal bonds.

“Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are like two bodies and one soul. Our sorrow, happiness and destination are the same. Both the countries are the symbol of peace, brotherhood, progress and prosperity,” he said.

While talking to Imam-e-Kaaba, Sadiq said that Pakistan is worried about the situation of the entire Muslim population.

“Terrorism, extremism and destruction are common in most of the Islamic world. I think this is the conspiracy designed by our common enemies who did not want the development and prosperity of Islamic World”, the speaker said, the report mentioned.

Sadiq also added that the people and government of Pakistan have the greatest regard for Saudi Arabia and they will never tolerate any aggression against it.

“We are ready to sacrifice our lives for the protection of Harmain Sharefain” the Speaker assured. He reiterated that the relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are deep-rooted and time-tested and the same level of relationship exists between the peoples of both countries, reported The Express Tribune reported.


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