Imposition of Governor rule will not affect anti-militancy operations in Kashmir: Bipin Rawat


Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said that imposition of governor’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir will not affect anti-militancy operations, and noted that there was no political interference.

“We only stopped our operations during Ramadhan. But we saw what happened. The militants continued with their actions,” news gatherer IANS quoted General Rawat as saying.

“The imposition of Governor’s rule will not affect our operations. Our operations will go on like they used to. We don’t face any political interference,” he said.

Governor’s rule has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir after the BJP pulled out of the alliance government in the state with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The Centre had earlier this month decided not to extend its unilateral initiative, declared on May 16, to coincide with the holy month as militant activities continued in the Kashmir Valley, IANS reported IANS.

BJP’s withdrawal from the alliance came two days after the government decided against extending the ceasefire.

The party had cited citing growing militant activities and radicalization in the Kashmir Valley among reasons for its decision, IANS reported.


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