Imran Khan Arrested

SRINAGAR: The drama continues in Pakistan as the former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was caught off guard and arrested while heading to his court hearing today. The 70-year-old ex-cricket star turned politician was taken into custody by paramilitary forces at the Islamabad High Court.

The PTI leaders claim that the police went full smash mode, breaking a glass window and forcibly dragging him outside while taking his biometric data. It gets even juicier as this all went down just one day after the army accused Khan of levelling false accusations against a top spy agency officer.

According to a tweet by the Islamabad Police, Imran Khan has been taken into custody in relation to the Qadir Trust case. This case involves allegations that Bahria Town granted land worth millions to Al-Qadir Trust, which is owned by Mr. Khan and his wife.

The police mentioned that the situation is currently “normal,” but the manner in which the arrest was carried out has caused many to question whether it was solely based on the merits of the case. The police also cautioned that Section 144 is in effect and violators will face consequences. Meanwhile, PTI has urged its supporters to take to the streets in protest.

In a tweet, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated that Imran Khan had been issued multiple notices but failed to appear in court. Sanaullah also mentioned that the arrest was carried out by the National Accountability Bureau due to allegations of causing losses to the national treasury. Furthermore, he emphasized that no harm or violence was inflicted upon Imran Khan during the arrest.

Imran Khan’s party tweeted a video of him hours before heading to court, in which he reiterated his accusations against Major-General Faisal Naseer, a high-ranking officer in the ISI. Khan claims that Naseer was involved in the attempted assassination against him in Wazirabad.


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