Imran Khan Links Resumption of Bilateral Relations With Kashmir, Again

SRINAGAR: Imran Khan, Pakistan Prime Minister has reiterated that normalising relations with India will require New Delhi to undo August 5, 2019.

Speaking in a live interaction on PTV, the state broadcaster, Khan has said that until and unless India retracts its “actions leading up to the revocation of Article 370” in Kashmir, the relationship between the two neighbouring countries cannot be normalised, India Today reported.

After the live session was over PTV put his Kashmir statement on Twitter.

This is for the second time in less than a week when Khan linked normalisation of the relations with India with Kashmir. The two countries were about to resume trade with Pakistan indicating the import of cotton and sugar that the Khan-led cabinet stopped it and said it is not possible till Kashmir developments of 2019 are undone.

Khan also said that the third wave of the coronavirus was “extremely dangerous in comparison to the previous two waves”. He said his government will impose lockdown if the people do not adhere to the precautions. Khan, along with his wife, Bushra Bibi, tested positive for the virus on March 20.


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