Imran Khan Says “Friendly Countries” Pressurise Pakistan To Recognise Israel

SRINAGAR:  Countries with whom Pakistan has “good relations” are pressurising it to recognise Israel, Imran Khan has revealed. However, he has asserted that Islamabad will not do it until the “just” settlement of Palestine.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan

Khan has refused to offer details about wherefrom the pressures are coming. He, however, has said Pakistan has good relations with them. “Let us stand on our own feet in terms of economy, then you may ask these questions,” Pakistani newspaper The Nation quoted him telling the show anchor who asked about the identity of the countries. Khan was talking to a private TV on Friday.

“The pressure is because of Israel’s deep impact (influence) in the US,” he has said.  “This (influence) was in fact extraordinary during the Trump’s stint.”

Asked about the policy of the new US administration led by Joe Biden, Khan said America’s Afghanistan policy shall remain unchanged.

“Afghanistan is not a real issue. The real issue is Israel. It is to be seen how he (Biden) deals with that. Whether he changes Trump’s policies (about Israel) or continue with them,” Khan was quoted saying. “I am not sure about Biden’s policy on Israel, Iran, and Kashmir but I am sure there will be no change in (Washington’s) Afghan policy. The Democrats too want to pull out of Afghanistan.”

Israel has already been recognised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain. Though Saudi Arabia was also reported to be following the suit but the OIC leader has decided to continue its secret relations with Tel Aviv. Various countries including Iran and Pakistan have not recognised Israel as a state despite being a UN member since 1949.

Though Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognise Israel in1949, the relations between the two have not been good for the last 10 years. Interestingly, Iran was the second Muslim country to recognise the Jewish state despite voting against the partition of Palestine and the subsequent admission of it into the UN. However, after the revolution, Tehran has snapped all relations with Israel. Almost 30 countries across the world lack diplomatic relations with Israel.


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