In 2019, Jeelpora Pattan still without drinking water

SRINAGAR: Residents of Bonichakal Jeelpora village of Pattan area on Monday held a protest at city centre Lal Chowk demanding the release of funds for the Bonichakal Jeelpora water supply scheme that is pending since years.

The locality has a population of around 12000 people, who are without drinking water facility for years.

A protestor said, “We have pleaded our case before the officials many times but our pleas fell to deaf ears. We have not only visited the concerned offices but have even visited secretariat many times.” We were promised of the release of funds this year but at the final stage the funds were transferred for another scheme, he added.

Another protestor while talking to Kashmir Life said, “In these harsh winters our women folk and children have to walk for kilometres to get clean drinking water.”


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