SRINAGAR: Two Kashmiri residents who flew from the United Kingdom (UK) were detected positive and the efforts are underway to quarantine them separately. There is a likelihood that their families will also be isolated for the time being.

“We were informed by the Divisional administration that they will be sending two Covid-19 positives cases who were flying home from the UK,” one official at JLNM Hospital in Srinagar said. “They must be in transit.”

The UK and various other parts of Europe are playing host to a new strain of the same virus that has mutated with additional characteristics. This strain is leading to wider infections and serious illness. These detections have led the UK to get into a newer lockdown for the last two weeks.

Officials did not offer many details. However, they said the detection took place during the mandatory testing at the Srinagar airport. The two passengers had flown home on Friday.

One official spoke anonymously saying that one of the two is a teacher and another is a businessman. One lives in Habak and another in Soura.

Given the problems with the new strain, the authorities may have to get into aggressive mode for detecting the contacts of the two unidentified passengers to prevent a crisis.

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