In Doda, Amir-e-Jama’at to People: Carry Universal Message of Brotherhood, Equality



JeI Amir: Gh Muhammad Bhat
JeI Amir: Gh Muhammad Bhat

Amir-e-Jama’at-e-Islami J&K Ghulam Mohammad Bhat while addressing a huge congregation of people at Eidgah Doda in the annual conference of the district Doda presented a detailed account of the grievous situation which the Muslim Ummah is facing at present throughout the world and suggested in the light of the Quranic teachings the means to come out of it.

“The first and foremost is to know and understand Islam from its basic sources and then make it the practical model of the entire life as practiced by its believers in the initial period. So far as they remained attached to the Qur’an they continued to conquer the people by bringing them to the fold of Islam but soon after they started distancing themselves from the real teachings of the Qur’an their fall began and this process goes on unabated,” he told the gathering.

In a statement, he said ,”if we want to regain the lost and past glory then we have to be one and rise above the anti – Islamic sectarianism which at present has engulfed the whole Ummah and we fight amongst ourselves on petty issues bearing no relevance in Islam. It is because of disunity and ignorance of the common people and indifference of the leadership towards the ultimate interests of the Ummah that we got entangled in present complex situation and one of the toughest international disputes for the just resolution of which we have been struggling since long. Had wisdom prevailed upon our leadership and the common masses not followed the insensitive leaders blindly, our position would have been quite different.”

At the end of his address, he appealed people, “to carry the universal message of brotherhood and equality as presented by Islam to the entire humanity and be true representatives of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as Islam teaches real humanity”.


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