In Kuthua, Modi Lashes Out at Congress, NC, PDP

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a well attendant election rally at Kathua of Jammu region in Jammu & Kashmir Saturday praised the people of Kuthua by calling them “brave hearts” who “braved the bullets coming from across the border.”

Accusing the state government of ignoring the people of Kuthua Modi said, “Previous government cheated them (brave hearts) and these brave hearts were denied entry of their youth into armed forces. I have come here to make you the promise that sons of this soil will be given responsibility to work for saving the borders of this country.”

“I promise you that I will return your love and affection to me by ensuring your prosperity and development. You enthusiasm will not go in vain,” PM said.

Modi praised people for their enthusiasm and their hope for the future. He said, “I came Jammu & Kashmir, especially Katuhu even before. I frequently visited here as party’s worker but never in past I saw such a vibrant atmosphere. I found that people were disappointed and leading a hopeless life. I saw people of the State like that for 30 long years. But your today’s enthusiasm has filled me with a lot of bliss. I request you to maintain your enthusiasm as it will open new ways for your prosperous future. ”

Highlighting his agenda and vision for the people, PM Modi said, “My Government is for the poor and unprivileged people. I salute you for your huge participating in the recent phases of voting. It is time for electing a strong and effective Government for all round development of the State.”

Talking about UN’s declaration to observe International Day of Yoga, PM said, “It is being said that due to Modi’s efforts, world has agreed to observe International Day of Yoga but in fact all this has been possible because of 125 crore people’s support to a Strong Government at the Centre. This is the reason why the whole world is looking towards India with a great hope. If you want the same for Jammu & Kashmir, elect a majority Government in the State. Vote for BJP, I promise you that the world will accept your strength.”

Lashing out at the Congress PM said, “See how the Congress enjoyed power in the State for so many years. It has joined hands with all the parties to enjoy power and later dumped them. Dynastic politics is not confined to only Congress. Both the NC and PDP are the same. Will you not punish them?”

“Why do the people elect a Government? And you too, why did elect non performing parties in the Government? Now, it is time to punish all the parties which impeded development. Won’t you punish the guilty leaders and their parties?,” Modi said.

Earlier, PM Modi was received with warm welcome at the stage.

This is for the first time the BJP is contesting election with aspiration to form Government in the State on its own.

This is Modi’s fourth poll visit to J&K and his ninth visit to the State since he took over as the Prime Minister in May this year.


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