In London, Kashmiri Doctor Brought Happiness To A Turkish Family

SRINAGAR: A Kashmir doctor has brought immense happiness to a Turkish family by carrying out a difficult surgical intervention that helped the conjoined twins – the Siamese twins – to separate and will celebrate their birthday on June 21, Turkish newspaper Yani Safak reported. The operation involved a series of surgeries.

Turkish twins who were separated by a team of 42 British doctors led by a Kashmir surgeon. Photo Yani Safak

“A pair of extremely rare conjoined twins, who have never been seen each other’s faces since they opened their eyes to the world in Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Antalya, are now successfully separated after a series of surgical operations in London,” the report said.

The Evrensel family was sent to the British capital in December 2019 for the high-risk surgeries only after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and First Lady Emine Erdogan intervened personally.

The series of “complex procedures” were carried out by a group of 42 doctors led by a Kashmiri surgeon. Two members of the team were Turks, according to a report quoting Erdogan. The report, however, did not identify the Kashmiri doctor or the hospital where the complex procedures took place. Another report said that the Kashmiri doctor had flown last year to Belek on holiday where he heard of the case and assured the family that he will carry out the operation.

Identified as Derman and Yigit, the 2018 twins were conjoined at the crown of the head. They were unable to crawl without hurting each other and were not in a position to face each other.

“The boys had shared a portion of their skulls but not a brain, hence the operations entailed complex and high-risk surgical procedures as the twins shared a cerebral vein,” the report said. It added that the Evrensel family is expected to fly home on Wednesday.


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