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Addressing election rallies in remotest areas of Machil and Keran as also at Sumbal in Sonawari tehsil on Friday, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah who is also the Working President of the National Conference, in his fervent appeal to the electorate of Baramulla-Kupwara Parliamentary constituency asked them to rally behind the NC-Congress alliance and vote in huge numbers in favour of the alliance candidate to contribute positively for keeping communal and opportunist elements away from grabbing power in New Delhi.

Omar Abdullah said that the anti-J&K agenda of BJP, being hiddenly nurtured by PDP in the State, is dangerous move which people need to understand and foil with full force.

“This can be done when the voters come out in large numbers on May 7, 2014 and support NC-Congress coalition candidate defeating PDP which is acting as the tentacle of BJP in Jammu and Kashmir and deceiving people”, he said and cautioned the voters against the “unholy partnership” of BJP and PDP to divide the society in Jammu and Kashmir.

Omar said that the track record of the PDP candidate contesting Lok Sabha election from Baramulla-Kupwara constituency has been poorest of all as MLA which is fully before the public. “A person who was not able to represent the Baramulla Assembly constituency as MLA, how can he be of any help to the people of the three districts of Kupwara, Baramulla and Bandipora constituting the Parliamentary constituency of Baramulla-Kupwara”, he questioned and said that the performance of Sharif-ud-Din Shariq in the Parliament to voice the concern of Jammu and Kashmir and its people is glaring and documented in the business records of the Parliament of India.

Omar Abdullah said that the current Lok Sabha election has put the people of Jammu and Kashmir in a crucial test where they have to make important decision to reject the deceptive forces represented by PDP and communal forces led by BJP. He said the league between these two parties to supplement and complement each other for power politics is now openly before the people and they have to foil their designs by handing over them miserable defeat in the election.

Omar Abdullah said that NC-Congress coalition is for safeguarding the secular democratic credentials of the Country and nurturing communal harmony, brotherhood and solidarity in the State besides carrying forward its peace and development agenda in the State with commitment and sincerity.

Omar said that Lok Sabha Election is for electing the Parliament and the Prime Minister of the Country.  “The Congress-NC alliance is openly supporting Rahul Gandhi in this regard”, he said and added that Narendra Modi and BJP are known for their communal ideology aimed at dividing the society and creating fissures between various sections of the society and different regions in the Country. He said anti-J&K agenda of BJP and the ill-gotten utterances of Narendra Modi against the people of Jammu and Kashmir are also known to all. He asked the people to answer Narendra Modi and BJP by ensuring the defeat of their PDP agents in the State.


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