In Sgr, Muslims Perform The Last Rites Of a Pandit Woman



Displaying the degree of tolerance and brotherhood, Muslims from Barbar Shah area of Jammu Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar performed the last rites of a Kashmiri Pandit woman, who along with her Doctorate degree holder husband clung her roots and refused to leave the valley when other Pandits allegedly fled from Kashmir on the instructions of the then Governor Jagmohan.

Rupa Shori (89) wife of Dr Triloki Nath Ganjoo, a resident of Barbar Shah Srinagar, died on Wednesday.

The local Muslims organized the last rites of the deceased and mourned her death as one of their own.

Rupa Shori had a daughter living in Bemina Srinagar. She told CNS that her mother decided to stay back when Kashmiri Pandits fled the valley in 1990. The husband of the deceased woman, Dr Triloki Nath Ganjoo said that despite having enormous resources, “we did not leave from Kashmir. We never felt insecure here and so did my deceased wife. She had so many Muslim women friends and loved this place,” he said.

As the news of her death broke, locals were inconsolable.

“We feel we have lost one of our own. She was just like my younger sister and I used to take suggestions from her before taking any step”, Muhammad Yasin, a local, said.

Another local Muhammad Subhan said:” To help our neighbors irrespective of their religion is our duty which we performed. We have lost a neighbour who stood with us in the best and the worst of the times.”
Her neighbours arranged wood for the funeral pyre and performed her last rites.


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