India Defeats Pakistan, Fire Crackers In Srinagar

KL Report


India’s win over Pakistan in their first World Cup match has led to massive celebrations by the security forces in Srinagar. As the last catch led to the decision of the match, deafening sounds of fire crackers was heard across city, almost instantly.

Pakistan failed to chase a 300 run mark and lost by 76 runs. Fourth match of the World Cup, this was the first match between arch rivals India and Pakistan. Interestingly Pakistan has never won a match against India in world cup, ever.

Kashmir has traditionally been supportive of Pakistani cricket, irrespective of parties are idealogies. The match was witnessed by a curfew like situation in Srinagar for most of the day with life almost paralyzed mostly in the old city. Pakistan’s defeat, however, ended the day with the game’s victory.

Police source said they had made adequate deployments to prevent any kind of tensions, especially where the garrisons are located near the civilian areas. “We have also conveyed the security forces not to overreact in either case,” one officer said.

Srinagar has had the tradition of celebrating cricket. If India wins, crackers come from the garrisons and if she loses, crackers are burst outside it. This cricket-animosity has created ugly situations earlier forcing police to stand alert for the whole day.


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