Former chief minister and National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah on Monday asserted that India lacks the power to take “China-occupied Kashmir” back from Beijing.

(KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

“In Ladakh, China has occupied the Aksai Chin. We shout about it, but do not have the power to take it back,” Farooq told a news gathering agency , adding that the only way to resolve the tension with China is to be friends with them, as war is not a solution.

“India should enhance their diplomatic channels and with that they should resolve this matter. China is Pakistan’s friend, had we maintained our friendship with China, they would not have been friends with Pakistan,” he was quoted by the news gathering agency .

Farooq asserted that China’s motive is to make the Karakoram by-pass, which would serve as their silk route and will connect them to the port. Which eventually passes through region occupied by China.

“Dalai Lama is another issue. They are asking to send him out of the country. India knows how to give one shelter, cannot throw someone out of the country,” he said.


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