India Pushing Youth towards Violence: Malik


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Warning India of pushing Kashmiris to wall, chairman JKLF, Muhammad Yasin Malik said that buying apples at Lal Chowk or visiting some places cannot change the validity and reality of Kashmir issue.

“This negative approach will yield nothing but disaster. Indian leaders by issuing such statements are kicking Kashmiris to the wall and hence are pushing the youth towards violence,” he said.

Malik was addressing a gathering at khankah I Mohalla shrine on Tuesday on the occasion of Urs I Shah I Hamadan (RA).

“The manner in which Indian leaders and rulers try to affix tourism, trade, and even sports with politics and try to negate the ongoing struggle of kashmiri’s is highly condemnable and negative mind set,” Malik told the gathering.

In his speech Malik said that Kashmir issue is a reality and cannot be negated by shopping apples at Lal Chowk and issuing “all is well “statements from Delhi,

“Without resolving this issue one cannot even dream of peace, prosperity or stability in south Asia. Wisdom and time require all of us to try and resolve to solve the vexed Kashmir issue on Priority,” he added.

Paying tributes to Hazrat Shah I Hamdan (RA), Malik said that Hazrat Mir  Syed Ali  Hamadani  not only led us on the religious and spiritual front but gave us much needed economic freedom. “Alas! We kashmiri’s ignored the teachings of our Great and spiritual leaders and are today facing a Miserable life,” he said.

Malik appealed for religious tolerance and Maslaki brotherhood among Muslims and said, “promoting mutual brotherhood is the only solution that can eradicate our miseries.”







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