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Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir expresses its grave concern over the recent series of unusual verdicts of Supreme Court giving legal sanctity to some known immoral acts which go against the very human nature.

The spokesman said that these acts have always led societies to moral bankruptcy and debauchery and ultimately to unimaginable devastation. The Supreme Court started with legalizing the live-in-relationship between two unmarried men and woman and as such issued license to the sexual relationship between them without proper wed-lock. Secondly, the unnatural sexual relationship amongst men and women was decriminalized.

Thereafter, some days back, a married woman having an illicit relationship with a man other than her husband was made non-punishable. These decisions pave the way for the society to get entrapped in the immoral inhuman activities just like the beasts and even worse than that. This will certainly promote immodesty thereby eroding all human values. Such a society will be devoid of all human features and feelings and the humanity itself will become a butt of ridicule. Such laws and judicial verdicts tantamount to a denial of the most dignified moral values taught by Islam.

In the meantime, this very court pronounced another amazing judgment declaring the existence of a Masjid non-essential for Muslims to attend the five-time prayers (Namaz) daily. This verdict goes quite against the basic faith of the twenty crores Muslims living in India as the construction of a Masjid in Madina was given first priority by the Prophet of Islam (may peace be upon him) on reaching there after migration.

This verdict seems to be a part of the plan to deprive the Muslims of their Islamic identity. When there is no Masjid, there will be no Azan (call to prayers) and weekly obligatory congregation of Muslims on Fridays will be impossible which cannot be held except a Masjid.


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