India’s choices

Whole of Sinai Peninsula was occupied by Israel and all of Soviet made armor and hardware rendered useless. Egypt retaliated in 1971 but failed to make any substantial dent in Israeli military superiority. Finally, it had to fall in line and thus recognize Israel. For all practical purposes, Egypt is now an American ally. It has entered into a peace agreement with Israel while retaining the tag of non alignment.
Yugoslavia remained defiant up to the end of cold war. It faced the fury of NATO and American intervention in early 1990s. Civil wars erupted in Bosnia, Croatia and other parts of the republic. NATO incited these civil wars and used them as a pretext for intervention. Yugoslavian state got dismembered and dissolved into several small republics. The process is still going on and we find every now and then a new state emerging out of ruble of the fragmented Yugoslavia. Montenegro and Kosovo are latest among the succeeding states of former Yugoslavia. Since Yugoslavia did not fall in line, the state faced extinction. Catalyzing emergence of so many states the process continues unabated. Martial Tito’s Yugoslavia is no more a political entity on the face of earth.
Until now India has been fortunate for remaining safe from fragmentation and anarchy. This, however, does not mean that status quo has become destiny of India. Americans and their NATO allies remain focused on India.
They keenly monitor the situation of Jammu and Kashmir state and the north east. Indian state on its part presumes status quo to be the ultimate reality and remains indifferent to demands of change. The reforms that were initiated on the advent of Manmohan Singh’s taking over planning remain confined to the domain of economics. The devolution of political power remains a distant dream. On top of it, Soviet armory and air crafts remain the backbone of Indian army. Americans and their NATO allies are not satisfied with the turn of events. India is perceived to be non receptive to change. Indian Luke warm attitude towards Indo-Pak peace process has further tarnished Indian image. Unlike Nasser’s Egypt, India has not fallen in line with American expectations. Nor has India gone on lines of Yugoslavia. For taking either of these two paths all hopes hinge on new dispensation that takes over New Delhi after elections. It has to tread on either of the two paths. Make peace with neighbors and survive or be indifferent to change and perish. It remains to be seen what way India moves. Nehru’s India awaits either of the two eventualities.

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