Indira-Sheikh Accord ensured ‘hands of the clock cannot be turned back’: PC



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Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference on Saturday said that Indira-Sheikh accord of 1975 did not stop the “onslaught” on Special Status of the State as maintained by NC and in fact legitimised and put a stamp of approval on all erosions made up to that period.

PC spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir in a statement said that “Indira-Sheikh accord emphatically clarified that “hands of the clock cannot be turned back”. It means that erosions made to Article 370 until 1975 cannot be reversed. The accord put a stamp of approval on all previous assaults on autonomy.”

He further said that “Sheikh Abdullah was forced to concur and recommend the application of Constitution Order, 1975 which debarred the state legislature to reverse amendments made to Article 370 until 1975. The application of this order ensured that any law made by the State Legislature seeking any change if any provision relating to appointment of Governor, Election Commission of India and composition of Legislative Council shall have no effect unless it received the assent of the President of India.”

He further said that since the posts of Prime Minister and Sadar-I-Riyasat were replaced by Chief Minister and Governor by virtue of an amendment in the State Constitution in 1965 and the same could have been reversed any time by another amendment by the State Legislature however Indira-Sheikh Accord removed any possibility of reverting the Prime Minister and Sadr-I-Riyast arrangement.”

The spokesman also said that the Public Safety Act is not a British era act but was enacted by Sheikh Abdullah in 1978.

“PSA was gifted by Sheikh Abdullah to Kashmiris after getting a two-thirds majority in 1977 elections, much to the annoyance of non-congress Central Government who at that time was against such draconian laws and curtailment of liberties”, he added.


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