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New Delhi

The Indo-Pakistan ministerial level talks on Kashmir and other related matters, beginning its sixth round in New Delhi on May 15 will be a crucial one, according to observers.Indo_Pak_talks

The earlier rounds had ended without any hope of the basic differences between the two parties being reconciled in order to find “an equitable and just solution” of Kashmir dispute.

Interest in the forthcoming round of talks, however, centres round reports about the possible induction of a third party in the hitherto bilateral talks at the initiative of Britain and the United States.

These reports have been in circulation, since the visit to the sub-continent of the United States secretary of state, Dean Rusk, and the British Commonwealth secretary, Duncan Sandys.

While there has been no denial or confirmation of the reports, official circles pointed out that India had entered the talks with Pakistan without any preconditions and therefore any proposal could be raised at the talks.

This is interpreted by observers to mean that, if there is going to be any proposal for the association of a third party with the talks, this subject would be considered by the two parties, during the coming round of talks. (PTI)


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