Inspiration Twigged ‘In and Around’

By Nehreen Nazir


Sun bedazzled an anxious heart towards an unprecedented journey

An injured soul decided for a long course but eyes striking forest nearby


Heart flip flops where to lead them an inner voice favoured green

Body connecting with the atmosphere around just to internal sores


Hours passed useless certifying deep incompetence

Eyes were blinking over and again reducing the size of tears


Meanwhile wounded bird arrived the place trying to reach breeding ground

But the merciless wounds throughout the body blocking massive trials


With every strike to the ground bird built-up, not ready to face the fall

There my hands lend help to the bird, bird revealed deep discomfort thereafter


At movie bygone flashed quickly while watching the struggle of bird

Winning trial finally bypasses the rigor as bird reached the breeding ground


There I pronounced eyes beholding light of success despite blistening pain

The bird unintentionally paraphrased my diffidence into confidence


My smile less face shines brightly emitting rays of delight

As heart decided to face the sight walked away from


I faced up all the hurdles and flagged victory over them all

Realised inspiration in and around twigged by my lord.


(Nehreen Nazir is a university pass-out)


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