Interesting: In Zanskar, Abdul Aziz is in double role

by Sajjad Hussain


Nobody sensed any wrongdoing when Junior Engineer Abdul Aziz S/o Din Mohammad R/o Padum Zanskar joined AEE in the office of Superintending Engineer PWD Kargil.

It was a normal and smooth transfer and posting order which Abdul Aziz had honoured! But a closer look at Abdul Aziz’s parentage revealed a sinister plot, which instantly became the talk of the isolated Zanskar district in Ladakh region.

Interestingly, Abdul Aziz had joined against the transfer and posting the order of another Abdul Aziz S/o Sayed Mohammad R/o Dhar Gloom, Mehandar, Poonch.

It was Abdul Aziz from Poonch who was actually transferred and posted as in-charge AEE Sub Division Zanskar.

Once the misdoing of Abdul Aziz from Zanaskar became public, service antecedents of both the namesakes were sought by the police. What shocked everyone official was the fact that Abdul Aziz, the impersonator JE, had kept his Service Book with himself for the last many years.

According to police, the said Abdul Aziz has not only illegally joined as AEE Sub Division Zanskar against the transfer and posting the order of another Abdul Aziz, but also retained his service book which is supposed to be in the custody of the concerned department. He had kept this service book with the intention to tamper with the entries.

Abdul Aziz, the JE, after joining as AEE on May 21, 2017, used state machinery pretending himself as actual AEE and prepared and signed many official documents including bills worth huge amounts in the capacity of AEE which he was not authorized as he is actually a Junior Engineer.

A FIR is already registered against the said Abdul Aziz, the impersonator JE, in Police Station Zanskar on the written complaint made by Zanskar Buddhist Association, on 28/10/2012 in view of the anti-national slogan “Pakistan Zindabad” inside the premises of SDM office Zanskar in 2012. The charge sheet against the accused is pending production before the Court of law, however, the accused has been absconding from police since long.


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