On International Women’s Day, Separatist women groups stage protest

KL Report


On the eve of International Women’s Day, separatist women groups including ‘Kashmir Tehreek Khawteen’ and ‘Muslim Khawateen Markaz’ organized protest rallies in Srinagar on Saturday. Police foiled one of the march and arrested Yasmeen Raja along with her associates.

According to CNS, KTK activists led by Zamrooda Habib assembled at Press Enclave Srinagar and demanded whereabouts of those disappeared persons whose mothers and sisters are living a miserable life.

Zamrooda Habib told reporters that, “A day will come when each day will be a women’s day free from the oppression of India and its crime in Kashmir. We will fight ,resist, protest and will stand against all odds until victory, untill freedom of Kashmir.” She said that the day will come when a mother will not bury her son, a wife will not wail over the funeral of her husband, a sister will not lose her brother. “No women will be half widow, we will live with justice, honour, peace and dignity,” she said.

Another protest was led by Yasmeen Raja under the banner of MKM which was foiled by police. Scores of women protesters demanding stern action against the former Health Minister Shabir Khan allegedly involved in molestation case and the rapists of Kunanposh Pora victims marched from Clock Tower Srinagar and as they reached outside Press Enclave, police stopped them and arrested Yasmeen Raja along with her associates.


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