Internet gag: Traders in Islamabad unable to file GST returns

Saqib Mir


Authorities’ decision to reduce the internet to 2G speeds for the past three days is causing inconvenience to the residents of Islamabad district. Traders of the district complained to Kashmir Life that they are unable to file their GST returns and carry out online transactions due to the very low internet.

“I have been fined 600 rupees for late payment of GST dues,” Muzzafar Ahmad, a wholesale dealer in Islamabad’s Kadipora told Kashmir Life. Poor internet speeds make it really difficult to carry out transactions Muzaffar added.

The throttling of internet speeds has also put students in fix. Examinations are going on in most of the colleges and universities and reducing internet speeds makes it almost impossible for students to access online lectures and study materials.

According to Ruhi Bhat, a 4th semester student of social sciences at Islamabad’s Womens degree college, non availability of 3G and 4G internet makes it difficult for her to download various e-Books and lectures that she needs for her ongoing semester exams.

The local authorities recently throttled down internet speeds in Islamabad, in the back drop of braid chopping incidents that have spread across the valley.

Earlier, internet was entirely shut down for at least two days for the same reasons.


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