Intl HR Day: ‘Kashmiris will Never Accept Any Ready Made Solution,’ Geelani says



Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Thursday said that United Nations Organization prepared a charter in 1947 which was aimed to protect the human rights all over the world but in the same year 1947 the world body maintained silence over the Jammu massacre in which more than 5 lakh innocent and unarmed Muslims were brutally killed jointly by the autocratic Dogra soldiers, Indian army and by the Hindu communal and fanatic groups and after that “the Indian occupational forces committed worst kind of human rights in the Jammu & Kashmir but the International Institution claiming to be the defender of the human rights played the role of a mute spectator over all that”.

Addressing a seminar titled “Human Rights Violations in Jammu & Kashmir and The UNO” at Hyderpora here, Geelani said, “in the unfortunate incident of 9/11 about 3 thousand innocent people got killed which is anyway a condemnable act but in its revenge the civilized nations not only massacred lakhs of unarmed and innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq and entire structure of these countries was razed to ground but still this revenge policy is killing thousands of innocent Muslims around the world which is the worst kind of state terrorism.”

In his presidential address, Geelani said, “Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory which has been occupied by India in 1947 and this country then took this dispute to the UNO wherein the international institution passed 18 resolutions from time to time which states that the Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed region and the people of this region should be given their Right to Self Determination so that they can freely decide their future whether to stay with India or to live with Pakistan. The leadership of India and Pakistan are also signatory to these 18 resolutions and in 1952, the then Indian prime minister Pandith Jawahar Lal Nehru while speaking in the historic Lal Chowk had said that we are not in favour of the forced marriages and forced occupation.”

The octogenarian leader said, “however, India in the arrogance of power backtracked from all its promises and now the people of Jammu & Kashmir are struggling for fulfilling those promises and this arrogant country is using its entire military might to suppress the peaceful and genuine voices of Kashmiris. According to the international charter of human rights, the Right to Self Determination is the prime and foremost right of a human being but India from last 68 years is denying this basic right of the people in this disputed state and is occupying the Jammu & Kashmir against the wishes of its people and to quell their peaceful voices, this country is using every oppressive tool against them.”

Geelani explained that “the Indian occupational forces have killed lakhs of innocent Kashmiris, 10 thousand people have been eliminated in extra judicial and custodial killings and the same number of people has been subjected to the forced custodial disappearance”. “7500 women in Kashmir have been either raped or molested by the Indian occupational forces while as more than seven thousand unmarked graves have been discovered in the frontier districts of Jammu & Kashmir and nobody knows that who and how many are buried in these graves and for what crime were they killed,” he said adding, “the political activities of the pro-freedom leadership of Kashmir have been completely banned by the Indian authorities. I am myself serving worst house detention from last 5 years and my party men and other associates are every now and then detained in police stations, jails, interrogation centers or are being put under house arrest.”

“Kashmir issue is UNO recognized dispute and it is the duty of this world body to impress upon India to give a free and fair chance to its people so that they can themselves decide their future and also this institution should take serious notice of the grave human rights violations in Jammu & Kashmir at the hands of the occupational forces of India but the influential nations affiliated to the UNO have many political and trade interests with India which is the reason that this institution has completely failed so far to fulfil its purpose of creation,” he further said.

Terming the decision that “talks will continue” by the Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj and the Pakistani rulers who met at the side lines of the “Heart of Asia” Conference in Islamabad “as a traditional meeting”, Geelani said, “both India and Pakistan have held more than 150 rounds of talks since last 68 years but nothing concrete was achieved from those dialogues and these kinds of talks will continue to fail until the two countries put in bold and sincere efforts in solving the root cause of Kashmir dispute in accordance to the wishes, sacrifices and aspirations of its people and the resolution of this long pending dispute will not only bring peace and stability to this entire South Asian region but it will also end hostilities and trust deficit between the two South Asian neighbours.”

The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir further said, “Kashmir issue and terrorism has no relation rather the Kashmir is the just issue of Right to Self Determination and India had promised on national as well as international levels that the Kashmiris will be given a free and fair chance to decide their future and until the fulfilment of those promises, Kashmiris will continue their struggle in any way and at any cost and they will not accept any readymade solution to this dispute which will be trusted upon them.”


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