Is hate speech against Pakistan also part of CMP; asks Er Rashid

KL Report


MLA Langate Engineer Rashid while castigating BJP approach in Assembly of frequently using hateful and venomous slogans against Pakistan and termed the same as epitome of hateful polity and vision-less approach.

Engineer Rashid wwas reacting to BJP MLA’s anti Pakistan slogans raised at the floor of house.

Rashid protested the issue by protesting in the Well of House  and stated ,” Raising Pakistan murdabad slogans by BJP members frequently will just raise fanatic fires and act as irritant in solving real issues.Internal issues need to be addressed and house first set in order rather than raising anti-Pakistan slogans every day without any concrete vision. It is a moral hypocrisy on part of BJP Members to not to utter even a word against Chinese aggression  in form of intrusions  happening almost daily and directing all angst against Pakistan.”

Rashid shouted at PDP benches and said  “PDP should clarify on its part whether this hate mongering against Pakistan is also part of Common Minimum Programme as they seem to have compromised everything for power and are allowing without any check to flourish this fascist mentality..”

Rashid asked PDP to come clean on the issue and either to make an end to the unholy alliance with BJP  or otherwise confess it has decided to compromise everything just to remain in power.


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