Islamabad By-Polls: Congress’ Hilal Shah gets ‘Raj Babbar Boost’

Aakash Hassan


Raj Babbar in Islamabad
Veteran Film Actor turned Lawmaker drove to Islamabad segment on Saturday and campaigned for Congress’ Hilal Ahmad Shah. (KL Images: Shah Hilal)

The Congress candidate fighting By-Polls of South Kashmir’s Islamabad segment was boosted when veteran film actor turned politician, Raj Babbar, campaigned in the assembly constituency on Saturday.

Hilal Ahmad Shah, who secured over 11000 votes in 2014 elections, is again fighting and has considerable influence in peripheries of the Islamabad assembly constituency.

Raj Babbar is Congress Member Parliament in Rajya Sabha from Uttrakhand. He unsuccessfully contested 2014 Lok Sabha elections against incumbent deputy Foreign Minister General V K Singh.

The Islamabad By-Polls are scheduled for June 22 when CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti, NC’s Iftikhar Misger and Hilal Shah shall be fighting for the seat which fell vacant with the demise of former CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

Islamabad Polls

In his address to an election rally, Babbar accused late Mufti of “betrayal” with the people of Kashmir. “PDP sought votes to defeat communal elements from entering the state and later formed government with them,” he said.

“I have regrets with her (Ms Mehbooba Mufti) father who campaigned to crush the communal elements base in the state but later joined hands with the same filthy hands,” Babbar said while addressing a rally in the Muniwar village of Islamabad.

While mocking the PDP president Ms Mehbooba Mufti for joining hands with “communal” BJP, he said, “these are the same people who killed Muslims in Gujarat; staring example of the Gulberg society and former Congress MP Ahsan Jafri who was also killed in the riots.”

“Those who killed Jafri sahab and others in Gujarat were from RSS and they (PDP) have tied hands with the same party and are seeking votes to create space for them,” he said. “People of Islamabad earlier voted against same communal elements but they (PDP) deceived and misused your vote.”

Babbar appealed people to vote for the Congress candidate to “send across message that you are peace loving and not supporters RSS”.

He was accompanied by other state congress leaders including State Chief of Congress party, G A Mir.

The rallies were held by him at Muniwar, oatraso, Rampora, Gopalpora, Kehribal.


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