‘Abhaya’ Ban: ‘Objection to Islamic Dress Can Have Serious Consequences’



Delhi Public School Athwajan
Delhi Public School Athwajan

Terming the objection by the management of Delhi Public School (DPS) Athwajan to Abhaya (Muslim female Dress) as sorrowful and condemnable act, Hurriyat Patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Sahab Saturday sought an unconditional apology from DPS Management.

Notably, a lady teacher was asked to choose between her job and Abhaya if she wished to teach in DPS by its management. In protest to her disrespect, the teacher resigned in protest.

“The school management should tender unconditional apology for this incident and should ensure that these kinds of silly acts will not be repeated in the future,” Geelani said in a statement.

“The Jammu & Kashmir is a Muslim-majority state and objecting to the Islamic dress code can have very serious consequences here,” he said.

“The school management should be cautious while dealing with these sensitive issues and should not repeat it in future,” he added.

The pro-Islamic leader said that objecting the wearing of Abhaya has no moral justification and it is also against the self-respect of an individual.

“The Abhaya and the Burka clad women are respected even in America like countries,” the ailing leader said. “The people who oppose or criticize the Abhaya or the Islamic dress code are termed as ignorant people.”


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